Lab of Evolutionary Genetics and Sociality

Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia


Welcome to LEGS! We mostly work on aspects of sociality using bees and lizards as our study organisms. A lot of our research has a phylogenetics or molecular ecology focus.

There are two of us who head the lab and as you probably guessed, one of us (Mike Schwarz) works on bees and the other (Mike Gardner) works on lizards.


Mike Gardner has expanded his research systems to continue the long term research after the passing of Mike Bull and Dale Burzacott. This includes a 37 year data set (from 1982) from sleepy lizards, one of the longest continuous lizard/parasite studies in the world. Also Mike G has taken a leading role in the pygmy bluetongue translocation work. These two systems complement his work on sociality in other Egernia group lizards.

You can read more about the legacy of the sleepy lizard work here or listen here.

Flinders University with the support of generous donors, supported the continuation of the sleepy lizard surveys for 2018. We are searching for further support for the next few seasons to supplement funding awarded from the Herman Slade Foundation. Please visit here if you would like to contribute.