Manuscript on the diet of sand goanna (Varanus gouldii) has just come out in the IRCF Reptiles and Amphibians. Check it out here
Past Posts for the LEGS Website
May 2019

Hard times for sleepy lizards call for a dietary shift

Herman Slade Foundation awards grant to continue sleepy lizard survey

October 2018

Looking for the bobtail flu

Alice Springs, central insects sampling and the 49th Australian Entomological Society Conference

June 2018

Digitisation of the sleepy lizard long term dataset

September 2017

Robert Bustard visits sleepy and pygmy bluetongue lizard sites

July 2017

LEGS Honours student James Dorey makes lead article and front cover of Australian Geographic

June 2017

2017 Fiji trip yields large cache of biodiversity data

March 2017

Sad farewell to Dale Burzacott

January 2016

Stories from the field: A strange wasp encounter

December 2016

Vale Professor Mike Bull

August 2016

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